“Lose 20 pounds in 30 days!” This is what we are promised with the next big fad diet…and all of the other fad diets in history for that matter. We are surrounded by false promises from diet culture. We live in an instantaneous society where we want instant results, and diet culture knows this. They know that we want to be told that we can truly lose 20 pounds in 30 days. They lead us to have unrealistic expectations. Which is reason number 4 in this series.

Reason #4: You have unrealistic expectations.

How does having unrealistic expectations make your diet not work? Simple. You find a new diet that promises you that you lose 20 pounds in 30 days. You read through all of the testimonials and get super pumped. You start this diet and follow everything exactly and at the end of week 1 you have lost 1-2 pounds. You get a little down because you need to be losing 5 pounds a week to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. You tell yourself you are just getting started and that the results will for sure be there next week. You follow the diet exactly the next week and at the end of that week you have lost another 1-2 pounds. You get frustrated because you have “only” lost 2-4 pounds in 2 weeks, so you give up and gain the 2-4 pounds back and maybe more and then you find the next diet to try.

*NOTE: I say “only” in quotations because 2-4 pounds is a huge accomplishment! Have you seen those pictures of what 2-4 pounds looks like?? That’s an amazing accomplishment and you should be so proud of yourself!

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Having unrealistic expectations of health goals can lower your self-esteem and do more harm than good in the long run. Instead of focusing on weight goals, try focusing on non-weight goals like how your clothes fit, how you feel, and how much energy you have.

Remember why you started this journey and start by making small changes. You didn’t get to where you are today by making all of these changes at once, they were all gradual changes. So you are going to have to make gradual changes again. Take things a day at a time. You will have set backs so be honest with yourself and be realistic about what you can do.

We are not a one-size fits all society, we are all unique and each of our bodies are different. They will all react differently and will do different things on the same diet plan. Love yourself and love your uniqueness. Stop trying to fit into these unrealistic expectations that diet culture has you believe.

My 1:1 nutrition coaching program helps you set realistic goals that are tailored just for you! We also work together to reach these goals so that you can ditch diet culture and love yourself!