Reason #5 of why your diet isn’t working is probably the most important reason, and that is you are never letting yourself indulge. Halloween this year was so hard for me. Not because I wouldn’t let myself have any candy, because believe me, I had my fair share of candy on Halloween.

Halloween was hard for me this year because of all of the people posting about how “proud” they were of themselves they were for not having any candy this year. This made me so sad. These women were “proud” of themselves for giving up something that they love and something that brings them joy. You could tell many of them were not truly happy with their choices because 1) they were posting it on social media as some sort of accountability and 2) many of them posted the next day or a few days later about the binge that they had on the Halloween candy.

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This happened because they did not let themselves indulge in the candy on Halloween when they really wanted it and it caused them to overdo it later. I know this because I have been there. I have been one of those “proud” women saying that they didn’t have any candy on Halloween, or how “good” I was because I didn’t have any desserts at the party.

Guys, I was saying all of that trying to convince myself that it was something to be proud of. I was saying it to announce to everyone and have their silent judgement keep me accountable. I did not feel good when I deprived myself of the foods that I loved. I felt ashamed for keeping something that made me happy out of my life. And later, I would eat more of it than I would have if I had just told myself that it’s okay to have it and not restrict it. This year Halloween was a breeze. This was because I had the candy available and I knew that it was okay for me to have it.

In the past, every time I would pass the candy bowl, I would grab a piece whether I really wanted the candy or not. This year, every time I passed the candy bowl, I would look at it but I would only grab a piece every now and then rather than every time. It took a lot of work to get to this point, but now that I am here, food choices are a lot easier and I am a lot happier.