You’ve likely seen this buzz word on social media, internet searches, or heard it through word of mouth. Intuitive eating has been growing in popularity over the last few years because it teaches you to listen to your body’s natural cues and honor them. But what is intuitive eating exactly and should you do it?

Intuitive eating is being able to make food choices without having feelings of guilt. It also allows you to honor your hunger, respect your fullness, and be able to enjoy eating. Diet culture has made it nearly impossible for us to really enjoy food because it has conditioned us to feel guilty when we indulge in a food that we love. Either that or it restricts us so much that our craving for a certain food grows to the point where we give in and overeat.

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We are all intuitive eaters when we are born, but as we grow older and become exposed to diet culture out natural instincts for intuitive eating get overruled and we stop listening to our hunger cues. This eventually backfires which is why many people experience yo-yo dieting. If we listen to our hunger cues and allow ourselves to eat what our body is telling us it wants/needs we will be more likely to eat foods in moderation and more likely to be able to fully enjoy the food.

Intuitive eating makes eating more enjoyable and allows us to stop obsessing over every calorie we put into our bodies. Learning to eat intuitively help me get rid of my intense cravings and also helped me lose weight and get to my set-point weight. Not only that, it has allowed me to maintain that weight for almost 3 years now. Losing weight while eating the foods I love has helped boost my confidence and has helped me enjoy life again. I hope it can do the same for you!!

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